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Sicilia, indoor and outdoor versatility

Les Creations de la Maison presents a new and exciting quality for high performance fabrics of last generation, with outstanding technical qualities, without losing the natural look of linen and cotton, so genuine of the brand. This collection is ideal for both Outdoor and Indoor, since the special construction of its fabrics, made with an attractive new fiber of 100% acrylic solution dyed, guarantees a very high performance for all your items by being prepared to withstand the impact of atmospheric agents such as sun and rain, as well as salt water or chlorine from the pool. Its great resistance against sunlight guarantees more than 5 years without losing color. Its excellent protection against mold and its high resistance to rubbing, with a martindale of 40,000 cycles, plus its 100% natural appearance, make this collection an exceptional option in the market.

In addition, they are breathable fabrics, which can be washed with bleach, and have an Teflon Extreme anti-stain finish that provides the additional advantage of repelling liquids such as water or oil, preventing the penetration of stains.



Inside the room, early sunlight sneaks through the crack in the old
window. We can intuit from the fog that is very cold outside. It starts the
ritual of putting the water in the kettle and going out to watch. Suddenly,
a whistle. It is the water, which is already boiling. And now, with your
hands around the tea cup you stop on the porch to breathe deeply. So
deeply that you start to believe such gesture will ensure you enough air to
carefully use during the rest of the week.


 Rei Naito’s serenity

Sicily is a serene and lasting collection, and when we think about it, Rei Naito comes to mind, a Japanese artist born in 1961 in Hiroshima who currently lives and works in Tokyo. All her pieces are characterized by being poetic and minimalist, with a strong approach based on nature.











The Teshima Art Museum located in a Japanese island integrates the serene coastal environment with an architectural structure by Ryue Nishizawa and the artist’s work Matrix . The installation is a wonderful game of light, air and groundwater drops in constant motion. A dreamlike and meditative space.