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María Santos

The interior designer María Santos is positioned at the top of the national scene.

In 2015 she decided to set up her own studio and in record time, her projects have become a benchmark in the
world of interior design.

The key to success is her love for her work, extreme attention to detail, and great quality finishings.

Maria has a predilection for materials such as wood, stone, metals, linen, and cotton to create light spaces without
losing functionality.

One of her brand marks is white color.

“In each work, we drive the painters crazy with the nuances, we study thousands of aspects”.

LCM: What do those who really love you call you?

MS: It depends on who is calling: my husband Kleine, Mery, Mariquita Perez…

LCM: What’s your favorite app?

MS: Pinterest.

LCM: If you were not an interior designer would you…?

MS: I studied law, but I don’t think I would have become a lawyer…

LCM: Reveal to me a hidden paradise to which you dream of returning.

MS: Capri.

LCM: Give some advice to someone who starts in your business.

MS: Keep your eyes wide open.

LCM: I have to paint my new house, what color do you recommend?

MS: Always white, but warm.

LCM: Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where should I go to have dinner?

MS: Charrúa.

LCM: Which “quote” defines how you live life?

MS: I’ll take the plunge and I’ll see.

LCM: Which is your favorite corner at home?

MS: My bedroom.

LCM: Surprise us with something of your personality that we would never imagine.

MS: I’m very stubborn.

LCM: Do you have any pets? What’s its name?

MS: Bingo, a cinnamon Labrador.

LCM: What is the song that always makes you dance?

MS: I’m not going to tell the story, but “Yo quiero bailar” a song from Sonia and Selena. My friends and cousins can’t dance to it either.

LCM: Tell me a deco trend that is coming, and we don’t know yet.

MS: Silver, metallics, and glitter.

LCM: Unspeakable obsession.

MS: Keeping everything under control.

LCM: Give me a fabric from Les Créations de la Maison that you are passionate about.

MS: I keep using Great Natural in my projects.