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Les Créations de la Maison offers fabrics made with natural fibers, organic and quality fabrics

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Collections inspired by natural fibres, with a special predilection for linen where we find a great diversity of textures and fabrics of exquisite quality, always highlighting natural tones and the colours of the earth.

New collections of Indoor and Outdoor fabrics

Les Créations de la Maison presents its collections giving greater prominence to linen and natural colours. We continue with our commitment to sustainable fabrics; and we also continue to create outdoor / high performance collections, with outstanding technical qualities, but without losing the natural look of linen and cotton.


Weaving a better world

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Discover our solidarity products and collaborate with social and sustainability initiatives

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The living Nature

Discover our blog, where you will find exclusive interviews with our collaborators, the latest trends in interior design and architecture, and explore our new sustainable fabric collections.

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