Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Les Créations de la Maison is one of the brands of Grupo Lamadrid, a European high decoration textile publisher. Our motto is “The living nature” and it is inspired by nature. We find in our collections, high-quality fabrics, giving special importance to the color palette of the earth, without stridency and neutral tones.

If you are a professional you can pay us a visit to our Madrid or Barcelona showrooms where we will give you creative solutions and personalized advice for your projects.

"The living Nature" perfectly defines the fundamental values of the brand, always inspired by nature.

In interior decoration, the appropriate colors and types of fabrics may vary depending on the decorative style you wish to apply. Here are some recommendations:

  • Minimalist style: The minimalist style is characterized by simplicity and the absence of unnecessary decorative elements. Smooth fabrics, neutral tones such as white, grey, beige or black are the most recommended. Patterns are avoided in this style, but you can add subtle textures like linen or cotton.
  • Scandinavian style: The Scandinavian style focuses on lightness, functionality and the connection with nature. Light fabrics in light and soft tones such as white, light gray and light blue are used. Patterns are usually geometric and simple, like stripes or abstract shapes.
  • Rustic style: The rustic style is inspired by nature and traditional elements. Suitable colors are earth tones, such as brown, beige, olive green and terracotta. Patterns can include florals, checks, or stripes on fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool.
  • Industrial style: The industrial style is based on the aesthetics of old industrial spaces, such as factories. The most common colors are dark neutral tones such as graphite gray, black, dark brown, and rust.
  • Contemporary style: The contemporary style is versatile and follows current trends. Neutral colors like white, gray, and beige are common in this style, but you can also add bold pops of color in details or accessories.
  • We always emphasize the natural tones and the colors of the Earth, in a palette without fanfare.

    We are passionate about natural fibers, such as linen and hemp, and we always work with the most sophisticated finishes. In its collections we find a great diversity of textures and fabrics of exquisite quality.

    Linen is a very light, elegant and breathable fabric with natural fibers. Its main characteristics are its resistance and durability, it is antibacterial and neutralizes bad odours.

    Hemp is hypoallergenic, breathable, highly versatile and extremely resistant. It is one of the most ecological fabrics. Its plant is very fast growing and does not exhaust the soil, on the contrary, it provides rich organic matter to the superficial layer of the soil and helps to maintain humidity. In addition, it does not require pesticides or herbicides, since it attracts few pests and the plant itself prevents weeds from growing around it

    Yes, environmental protection is one of its strategic pillars, and the brand has a clear commitment to the planet. We create sustainable fabrics made with recycled or low-impact fibers, and we carry out direct actions to help better preserve our environment.

    If you are an interior design professional you can obtain a professional account by sending an email to [email protected].

    Interior designers, furniture makers, upholsterers, purchasing agencies and architects can opt for a professional account.

    If you want to see the actual color and texture of a fabric, order a swatch online. You will find them in different sizes (20×27 or 40×40) in the collections section of the website.

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    The delivery time is 2-3 business days.

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