Shabby Linen I y II, real essentials


Shabby Linen I: We bet on Jute as a texture and trend color, and the five items available in this collection offer us various application options in all kinds of decorations with a rustic or shabby chic look. Its width of 3 meters is ideal for making curtains, curtains, cushions and bed plaids.

Shabby Linen II: Two colors in three linen textures, which highlights an attractive curtain in a dirty linen quality that shows a new evolution in the creation of fantasy spinning or stonewash finishes. It is presented in perfect coordination with two other fabrics focused on making curtains and plaids, or even suitable for making sofa covers. The 3 textures are proposed in the two essential natural colors; white-raw and linen-stone.




The naturalness
of the artist Anna Talens



When we talk about the two Shabby Linen collections we talk about the balance of opposites, with the more rustic and imperfect aspect of the Shabby Linen I jute that contrasts with the simplicity of Shabby Linen II‘s linen. And when we talk about opposites, we can’t stop thinking about Anna Talens, a Valencian artist currently residing in Berlin. Anna combines minimalist simplicity and accumulation, gold leaf and purification, imperfection of the manual and seamless beauty.


Anna is able to unite the ordinary and the extraordinary, the tangible material and the poetic. Its influences are diverse, highlighting the aforementioned minimalism and also Japanese art.




The techniques in which she works are diverse, but because of her eagerness to recover manual, primitive methods that speak to us about tradition and the past at a material level to also approach it emotionally, in some and other parts of an attitude thorough, giving each project its time and space.


septimoShabby Linen I y II, real essentials