Savanna & African Trees


There is an African legend about baobabs that explains the unique appearance of these trees.

At the beginning of time, everyone admired the beauty of the baobabs, because they had very intense flowers, and a strong trunk and stood out compared to the rest of the trees.
The gods, seeing so much beauty, gave them more longevity so that they could be observed all the time.

So they continued to grow taller and stronger, so much so that there came a time when they prevented the rest of the trees from enjoying the sun with their shadow. The day came when the baobabs almost touched the sky, the gods decided to punish these trees and made them grow upside down, the roots facing the sky and the flowers underground.

African Trees collection

The exuberant jacquard texture of this upholstery collection will leave no one indifferent.

An obvious new nod to ethnic design, inspired by North Africa, not only for the patterns but also for the texture, weight, and consistency of the fabric, reminiscent of the thick handmade fabrics of the Atlas tribes.

Once again, a palette based on the main colors of the collection, black or anthracite, mustard, and taupe, is always combined with an ecru base. Due to the solid structure and high weight of this fabric, African Trees is especially recommended for all types of upholstery, headboards, and decorative accessories.

Baobab: traditional large ethnic pattern with irregular strokes on a raw background. Pure
tribal expression in a fabric of great quality and resistance.

Nere: attractive herringbone design, with an irregular line forming stripes, which comes in
the same colors as the Baobab.

Savanna collection

Based on the same colour palette as the Algarve collection, Savanna is a proposal for sheers, in double width, that incorporates a fantastic African-inspired ethnic design together with a delicate and subtle semi-plain. Both are available in 2 beautifully contrasted colourways: black/linen and linen/ecru.

Mara: double width sheer with an original ethnic/African style design. It stands out for its versatility, as it can be shown on both sides with very different results, a more intense side and a more subtle one.

Siana: delicate two-tone sheer made of 100% linen and double width, light and volatile. Ideal for making window falls and bringing elegance to any space.

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