Performance Linen Collection


Performance Linen is a new high resistance linen for upholstery, with composition 65% LI 35% PA, which makes it an all-terrain fabric, even suitable for the contract, without sacrificing the benefits of linen. Presented in a range of 12 colors that match the rest of the collections.

Painting with fabrics

We present you the work of Morgan Stokes, an emerging artist from Sydney. With his split, cut and intervened canvases he manages to create minimalist pieces that remind us of the Performance Linen collection, a collection of neutral and resistant colours, capable of withstanding the day to day.

Strokes’ textured art works on the materiality of painting and seeks to generate a space of disconnection in a context filled of screens and the digital world. That is why each of his pieces contains a calm element, combined with something that stresses that calm, thus capturing the tension of a modern generation addicted to screens.

septimoPerformance Linen Collection