Mucha Tela Project. New clean-up brigade on the beaches of Tenerife


The shocking homemade video that María Celma (from the Océano Limpio movement) spread which showed Tenerife’s La Playa Grande infested by millions and millions of microplastics was the detonator to organize the second clean-up brigade of #MuchaTelaProject on the beaches of Tenerife. We couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. We had to do something about it!


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This 18 May and 15 June, we carried out two new land and submarine cleaning expeditions on La Playa Grande. We gathered matches, pieces of boxes and nets, tin cans, bottles, bags and a bunch of microplastics that covered the entire coast.  Now it is time to become aware of the problem and to avoid the consumption of plastic so that it doesn’t end up yet again on the beach and in the sea. We know it is difficult, but not impossible and we invite all of you to participate in the change.








We are becoming plastic by Pepi de Boissieu

The pledge from #MuchaTelaProject, in addition to operating specific clean-up actions, is to raise awareness about the plastic problem and to encourage responsible consumption.  That is why this year, we have opted for getting involved in a photographic and solidary project in collaboration with the creative director Pepi de Boissieu, who has worked for big fashion and furniture companies, but enjoys when her projects take on a cultural or environmental dimension, as is the case with #MuchaTelaProject.

Together with her, we have worked on a photographic series, done by the photographer Silvia Conde, titled We are becoming plastic. This session invites us to reflect about how we have integrated microplastics into our lives and encourages us to incorporate the self-discipline of cleaning beaches and coasts into our daily routines to solve this serious problem.





ART DIRECTION AND CREATIVITY @pepideboissieu @isabellakilloran
PHOTOGRAPHER @silvia_conde
MAKE UP @saraipujol
MODEL @theaga7a


Thanks for the support from all of those who help us make #MuchaTelaProject a reality: EcoOcéanos, Ecomar, Ecoalf.

septimoMucha Tela Project. New clean-up brigade on the beaches of Tenerife