Minimalism and sobriety in architecture


House of the sculptor Xavier Corberó in Barcelona

A dream house, archiphotographed, almost hypnotic, of almost 4,500 square meters, divided into nine buildings interconnected by a dozen courtyards and that has more than 300 arches.




The spiritual retreat of John Pawson

Located in the Welsh countryside, the house designed by the architect John Pawson is based on the concept of a retreat that inspires serenity in contact with nature. The design is austere and is full of serene interiors that combine the natural clarity of the fabrics, the wood and the brick walls. The whole set inspires a sensation of perfect balance and peace for meditation and contemplation rooms, both indoors and outdoors.





Koshino House by Tadao Ando

The houses of Tadao Ando play with simple and minimalist geometric shapes, which together with the use of light as a main element, create spaces full of magic and spirituality. A good example of his amazing work is the Koshino House, built in 1984 in Asiya-shi, Japan.





septimoMinimalism and sobriety in architecture