For all bad mezcal, for all good the same!


It is always enriching to dive into the origins of everything, because that is where the most magical and surprising stories emerge.

The birth of mezcal has a sacred myth: They say that more than 500 years ago, during a night of lightning in the sky, lightning struck an agave in Mexico. The celestial impact originated, to the surprise of the indigenous people who were there, the first tatema, which gave birth to the “mexcalli”, a Nahuatl word that means “cooked pineapple”.

At the beginning, this drink was only reserved for ceremonies and even today it has a strong symbolic charge. In the Valley of Oaxaca, the last drink of mezcal is poured over the tomb of the deceased on the Day of the Dead, as a sign of respect.

Life, death, the divine and the sacred are always linked to the true beginning of everything: nature.

Mezcal collection

Today we present the new Mezcal fabric collection, an exquisite velvet fabric that has a delicate vigoré effect typical of wool despite being made of cotton fabric.

It is available in a restrained palette of two-tone marbled shades, and is a high-end fabric, ideal for the most sophisticated decorations.

01 Mezcal 1027 — 02 Mezcal 1026

The softness and pleasant feel of this fabric will bring comfort to any upholstery piece, and its impressive drape will allow for the most elegant curtains.

septimoFor all bad mezcal, for all good the same!