Luisa Olazábal. Founder of Luisa Olazábal Studio



We have the opportunity to speak with Luisa Olazábal, a well-known interior designer both nationally and international and founder of her self-titled studio. She has carried out numerous and relevant residential, commercial and institutional projects, becoming a great reference in decor.

Luisa comes from a family with a long tradition in architecture, a discipline she has also continued with, adding a specialization in art and antiques. Her signature is visible in each of her projects.




Before setting up her own studio in 2003, she spent a 4-year stay in London, leaving an important imprint on her career. Since then, the study has not stopped growing until in 2013 she associates with Luis Ojeda, another passionate about the profession, as managing partner. Luis comes from the world of banking, and therefore contributes a complementary vision to Luisa’s most creative facet.



A great team, the work methodology and the efficient coordination together with the very personal style of Luisa, make this Studio something extraordinary. The philosophy behind: beauty, uniqueness, sustainability and quality, these are the protagonists of their projects.

Here comes a brief interview with Luisa so that you can get to know her more closely.

What do those who really love you call you?
Lois… 🙂

What is your favourite app?

If you were not an Interior Designer you would be…

Who have you missed most during confinement?
My father… 🙁

Reveal me a hidden paradise.
My house in Puerto Santa María.

Give advice to someone who starts working in your profession.
Be yourself, go against the current.

I have to paint my new house, what color do you advise me?
A color from MC Pinturas. Stone pink.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where can I go to have dinner?
Brasserie Lafayette.

What “quote” or “motto” defines how you live life?
JOY. Short and concise.

What is your favourite spot in your house?
The rocker I have in the garden. Everyone at home knows it. Great conversations take place there.

Surprise us with something about your personality.
I am fearful.

Do you have a pet? What’s his or her name?
No, I don’t. And the kids are outraged. Five children and a studio are enough entertainment for me.

What’s the song that always makes you dance?

Tell me a trend in deco that is coming and we don’t know yet…
We’re going back to the super cozy, with a subtle decadent flair, that hugs you.

Unconfessable mania.
Playing with the same ball (Titleist).

Baptize the color of this fabric from Les Créations de la Maison:
Pisa color 710.

septimoLuisa Olazábal. Founder of Luisa Olazábal Studio