Welcome to the Basquiat’s loft

Les Créations de la Maison

Basquiat, elusive by nature, was once asked on camera to try to sum up what he set out to do with his work. He gave it a lot of thought, but more or less got it right:

I tried to communicate an idea, in an urban landscape, and make paintings that were different, that made you think and had an alienating point. Direct paintings that provoke an emotion in people at the moment they see them”

Basquiat lived in a loft on the second floor of 101 Crosby Street, just where his career took off in the early 1980s. In that loft he developed part of his work and later he moved to his flat rented to him by Andy Warhol. Instead of turning it into a house-museum, the current owner of the former loft of the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat in New York’s SoHo has decided to refurbish it and rent it out to tourists or artist-lovers for the modest price of 650 dollars.

Loft collection

Three fresh and contemporary fabrics, in double width, that combine perfectly with each other. Inspired by the worn and the shabby style, that define a tipical New York loft.

LAST STRIPE: original  stripe  with  an  embroidered  look,  made  in  double width and woven on a full-bodied natural-coloured base. 

LEVEL: new linen fabric in double width, with various soft or even pastel shades achieved by combining intense colours in the weft with an ecru thread in the warp.

LINE: open weave openwork fabric made of cotton and linen and available only in natural colours. It is ideal for curtains due to its impressive drape and for making warm and cosy plaid bedcovers.  

Les Créations de la MaisonWelcome to the Basquiat’s loft