Land & Cruise: worn linen

Les Créations de la Maison

Land & Cruise is the insignia of Les Créations de la Maison collections. High quality linen with a worn out effect that becomes an homage to every spent moment, to everything that leaves a trace. With this proposal we celebrate imperfection, wrinkles, cracks… because they are not signs of time passing by. They are the evidence it was worth it.

Discover Land’s vintage effect chenille in the sofa upholstery and the Cruise’s lighthearted linens in the pouf below.




Land & Cruise according to a piece of art
Reflection, self portrait by Lucian Freud. Wrinkles, Arrugas, loosened skin and stains. Few have painted the imperfection as this contemporary painter who passed away in 2011. Land & Cruise tries to give this very sensation in it’s worn out effect.


Land & Cruise according to a song
Smells like teen spirit, by Nirvana. Distortion, pessimistic lyrics and neglect. Despite all that, ill-starred Kurt Kobain and his band were one of the most loved groups in the nineties, becoming the leaders of the grunge scene. In a certain way, at Les Créations de la Maison we have adopted the legacy of this movement and transformed their stridency in elegance.

Land & Cruise according to a city
Lisbon. The capital of Portugal still shows evidence of the buildings destroyed by a XIX century fire and it is clearly a place that has been struck by time. But there is no doubt that the cobble stones and the trams in the streets keep an inner beauty despite the wasted look.


Cruise & Land according to a movie
Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder. This movie portrayes the downfall of a silent film starlet. She is quite like a broken toy nobody cares about and, however, there is still a certain charm in her.

What does the new collection by Les Créations de la Maison inspire you?

Les Créations de la MaisonLand & Cruise: worn linen