Mª José Cabré, an architect of contrasts



After working in well-known architecture studios, Mª José decided to take the plunge and create her own architecture and interior design studio, MJCarquitectura. In essence, her style is characterized by the fusion of modern and classic features. The contrast is the hallmark of her identity. Her projects are restrained and elegant, full of light and details which give personality to the rooms.






LCM—How do they call you those who really love you?


LCM—What is your favorite app?


LCM—If you were not a decorator, would you be…?

MJC—I’m an architect. I’m passionate about architecture as well as interior design. They’re my calling and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

LCM—Who do you miss the most when you’re working on a project out of town?

MJC—I love my children, my little grandkids, my friends. I yearn for them while I am away.

LCM—Tell me about a hidden paradise

MJC—My home.

LCM—An advice to those starting as decorators

MJC—Love your work. Put all your passion in it. Give it your all… every last ounce of effort! Be responsible… Enjoy your dedication to the fullest.

LCM—I have to paint my new apartment; what color do you recommend I use?

MJC—For me, the context, the location and the character are all fundamental to define colors, textures, materials.

LCM—Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where do I go to have dinner?


LCM—What “quote” or “motto” defines how you live life?

MJC—With endless, positive energy.

LCM—Whats is your favorite spot at home?

MJC—All of them.

LCM—Surprise us with something about your personality

MJC—I am very expressive, sensitive, committed, demanding and have a lust for life.

LCM—Do you have any pets?


LCM—What is the song that always makes you dance?

MJC—La La Land Cast.

LCM—Tell me a trend in decoration that is still to come and we don’t know about

MJC—I get excited about taking the essence of the context where I find myself, whether it is urban, rural, seaside… outside / inside  a house / hotel.  The idea is to gather that essence and apply it with materials, textures, light, the handicraft of the place, the craftspeople… that is poetry.

LCM—Unspeakable obsession

MJC—I need to create a character with strength and personality. I cannot begin a project without conceiving a concept. I cannot isolate architecture / interior design. My obsession is all about space and its three dimensions.

septimoMª José Cabré, an architect of contrasts