Getting to know Las 2 Mercedes very closely



Las 2 Mercedes are Mercedes Peralta and Mercedes Valdenebro, two Sevillanas settled in Madrid and one of the “seventeen studies that already mark the future of Interior Design in Spain” according to AD magazine.

Its marked style could be defined as delicate freshness, as they love to combine neutral and clean spaces with bold elements and upholstery, colors, textures, gold… As they say, its hallmark is based on “creating a neutral box where to add some color through special pieces “. As their latest projects we highlight the new One Shot hotel in Barcelona and the Flores de Alcachofa restaurant in Madrid: “We envisioned Flores de Alcachofa as a sophisticated dining room in the tropics. Bamboo ceilings with leafy ferns hanging from it, earthy stucco walls and a geometric stone mosaic set the stage for the chef’s Mediterranean-Latin fusion cuisine”.




Les Créations de la Maison team has met them in person and chat about their amazing inspirations. Do not miss their interview:

LCM—What do those who really love you call you?

LAS2M—Mer, Peralta, Valdenebro…

LCM—What is your favorite app?

LAS2M—Google Maps and Solitario, Instagram…

LCM—If you were not a decorator, would you be…?

LAS2M—Valdenebro: Singer — Peralta: Bailaora

LCM—Who do you miss most when you’re on a project outside?

LAS2M—The family.

LCM—Tell me about a hidden paradise.

LAS2M—Vejer de la Frontera.

LCM—An advice to those starting as decorators.

LAS2M—Persevere and work very hard, things will come sooner or later.

LCM—I have to paint my new apartment; what color would you advise me?

LAS2M—Without knowing how your apartment is we won’t take any risk, white.

LCM—Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where do I go to have dinner?

LAS2M—A Maria Trifulca, it is really cheerful and has spectacular views.

LCM—What “quote” or “motto” defines how you live life?

LAS2M—“Everyone should do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.” This way everbody will be just fine.

LCM—Your favorite corner at home is?

LAS2M—Valdenebro: My room; it has great light. — Peralta: I’m always in the kitchen.

LCM—Surprise us with something about your personality.

LAS2M—Valdenebro: I am not surprising at all, too common. — Peralta: is a lot much curious.

LCM—Do you have a pet? How is it called?

LAS2M—None of us has a pet. We’ve enough with so many kids!

LCM—What is the song that always makes you dance?

LAS2M—A pasodoble.

LCM—Tell me a deco trend that is coming and we do not know yet.

LAS2M—The reinvented classics are being reborn and gaining a lot of presence against the minimalism that has dominated the decoration of the last decades.

LCM—Unspeakable mania.

LAS2M—We are two crazy perfectionists; we’re always paying attention to details.

septimoGetting to know Las 2 Mercedes very closely