“Green graffiti”, the eco street art


Moss, yogurt, water, sugar, a blender and a brush is what some artists have needed to create a street art vegetable.

As if it were a recipe, artists like Anna Garforth, Hugo Rojas or Edina Tokodi have released an art that began as a street expression and finished in all the DIY and decoration blogs.

In the case of Anna Garforth, she uses a mixture of yogurt and sugar to paste the lettering and the geometric designs.

Street art deco-01

The Mexican artist Hugo Rojas has also joined in this style. For DUMBO ArtsFest in 2014, festival of art in New York, he created a series of works made with moss and inspired by nature animals scattered around the city.

Street art eco-02

With Edina Tokodi we can see all kinds of representations of scenes from the natural world and very different places, but always within the urban environment.

Street art eco-03

With his work, and all the other artists of “moss graffiti”, they create awareness among citizens that these situations should be normal in the urban environment and not something extraordinary.

septimo“Green graffiti”, the eco street art