Extraordinary homes: a façade covered with plants

Les Créations de la Maison

In sustainable architecture covering rooftops with plants or grass has been a quite common solution to isolate a building. There are also many mountain shelters that make use of this technique to minimize their environmental impact. However it is not that common to see this idea in the heart of a big city as Lisbon, at Travessa do Patrocínio. This project by Rebelo Andrade studio has a façade covered with 25 different species of plants that, asides of a pleasant image, provide their aroma to the different rooms in the hose. For example, safroon makes it to the pool, lavender climbs up to the dormitories and rosemary scent stays on the living room. We are quite sure a few of our new collections could fit in it’s rooms and matching this spectacular façade.






Les Créations de la MaisonExtraordinary homes: a façade covered with plants