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Tristán Domenecq, let there be light

Tristán Domecq Pérez is a Galician interior designer and decorator and a true lover of the world of architecture, construction, design and decoration. With only 34 years, a gap has already been made among the most important names of interior design in our country. After passing through Uterqüe (Inditex Group), where he worked for five years, he decided to find his way in the world of decoration, leading his own studio in Madrid since 2012. Throughout his career, he has managed to create his own decorative line characterized by timeless, fresh and elegant spaces. Personal and very welcoming spaces in which 100% natural materials such as wood, iron, stone and plants, but above all, natural light, cannot be missing. We love the style of Tristán Domecq, but we want to know him a little better …

What do those who really love you call you?

LCM—What is your favourite app?
TDP—Glovo and Bicimad with no doubt. They have changed my life.

LCM—If you were not an Interior Designer you would be…
TDP—Urbanist or landscape designer.

LCM—Who do you miss most when you’re on a project outside?
TDP—To my work managers.

LCM—Reveal me a hidden paradise.
TDP—Aldan in the province of Pontevedra.

LCM—Give advice to someone who starts working in your profession.
TDP—There are no secrets: work and sacrifice, the fruits will arrive sooner or later.

LCM—I have to paint my new house, what color do you advise me?
TDP—It depends on the house and the light… A white lime tone will work for sure.

LCM—Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where can I go to have dinner?
TDP—Al cuenco de pepa.

LCM—What “quote” or “motto” defines how you live life?
TDP—Absolute passion for my work.

LCM—What is your favourite spot in your house?
TDP—The library… It is the cinema time and mobile off.

LCM—Surprise us with something about your personality.
TDP—I have a strong character and I’m a neat freak.

LCM—Do you have a pet? What’s his or her name?
TDP—Yes! A hard-haired dachshund and his name is Cleo.

LCM—What’s the song that always makes you dance?
TDP—It depends on the moment and the party, of course, but Peret’s ‘Gitana hechicera’ is a classic that I love.

LCM—Tell me a trend in deco that is coming and we don’t know yet…
TDP—I think classic prints will have a remember.

LCM—Unconfessable mania.
TDP—Have dinner in the dining room daily. If you have it is to use it.