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Shaun collection

Shaun is a fabric that perfectly imitates sheepskin. It is the latest fashion in decoration, and an ideal fabric for upholstering comfortable design furniture or making warm cushions. It comes in 8 attractive colors, ranging from the classic wool color to the most daring tones of mustard or terracotta.



A life among sheep

We present a selection of photos from New York City-based Brian Ferry documenting life on the Black Thorn sheep farm in the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina.



Ferry spent time capturing farmers’ work, from sheep shearing to running a farm. What at first might have seemed like an idyllic experience, but documenting a life surrounded by animals and nature turned out to be a harsher reality and great learning.



After his experience, the photographer confessed: ‘The most important thing I learned is that the prevailing vision of the idyllic small farmer / landowner is really bullshit. The work is hard, the reality of it all can be brutal, and nature is uncompromising in many ways. We tend to think of these farmers growing organic vegetables and living a ‘simple life’ on beautiful land … but [owners] Seth and Sharon are very realistic about the challenges they face.’