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Shabby Linen III Collection

In this collection, linen is the raw material par excellence, always treated in a unique way to achieve that casual look and the informal elegance of the delavé fabrics, and with an exclusively natural colour palette.

The two fabrics that make up this collection are a resounding version of the classic linen “sack” raised to the highest level of sophistication and beauty, thanks to its feel, its great weight and its better drape.

Spike : available in three natural shades: white, beige and jute.
Rope : available in natural tones with an attractive stripe that highlights an elegant wool cord.

The looms of Adriana Meunié

We introduce you to Adriana, an enterprising artist who left the world of large international fashion productions and big cities like Barcelona and Berlin, to move to a small town in Mallorca to weave beautiful looms and create her own fashion brand called Odeminui.

Adriana works with untreated natural fabrics such as raffia, wool, linen and esparto. In all his pieces he presents them in their roughest form, thus emphasizing the importance of valuing the beauty of raw materials before being used with a practical sense, such as creating baskets, chairs or sweaters. Your goal is to emphasize all the work to get to that primary point and the rest of the work that remains to be done until you reach the final object. Seeing the materials as they are, makes us more aware of how important local and artisan work is.