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Reinvent the staircase

In interior design it is impossible to achieve new results without exploring beyond functionality. This humble compilation takes a start the idea of a simple staircase but comes to really bold concepts.

Let’s start with a staircase by Rowin Petersma made with a steel greed that allows light to reach lower floors.


While shelves in staircase are not a new concept at all they can be found in many diferent ways and are a really smart solution for those little duplex apartments out there. This example is in the rear part of a conventional staircase can be found in a design by SAD Atelier.
Instead of adding elements to stairs we can also remove them and bring staircase to a much minimalist and clean version, as this one, part of Ecole’s Flat #1: a really minimalist statement.


The staircase below is not functional, for several reasons. Because it is made from fabrics and it is hanging from the ceiling and it does not reach the floor. But mainly, because it is an installation by Do Ho Suh displayed at Tate Modern in London.

We love details and this is the reason behind our fascination for all the designs where a first impression is just the gate to a whole world of surprises. The effect that achieve this curved lines can make you dizzy, but nobody will be unimpressed by it.


Last but not least, we share this proposal both sober and majestic by Arquitectura en movimiento that even allows you to take a seat on it.


After reading this, who is going tot use the lift again?