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Pacífico Collection by Jaime Beriestain

High Performance Outdoor Fabrics

Having lived his childhood surrounded by handcrafted fabrics from different regions of his native country Chile, and after having travelled to various corners of Latin America at different stages in his life, Jaime wanted the fabrics of the Pacífico collection to capture the essence of the wonderful Andean fabrics from Peru and Bolivia, of those warm vicuna ponchos from the north of Chile or those fresh and colourful embroidered textiles from Guatemala that the natives used to recognise the origin of their families.

Fabrics rich in texture and body, and that would give the impression of having been made on handlooms. All while adding in the challenge of making them resistant to UVA rays, waterproof and with colours that won’t fade, as well as the desire to make the synthetic bres look and feel as close to a natural bre as possible.

The result, an elegant and versatile collection of outdoor fabrics made up of 5 different textures: Cuzco, Arauco, Antigua, Oaxaca y Teotitlán, presented in a range featuring blue and natural tones, those smooth, neutral colours that are so characteristic of Beriestain and that also allow the fabrics to be timeless and far from the fads.

There are 2 clearly di erentiated high performance qualities:

A first quality of solution dyed Polyolefin, with sophisticated fabrics for upholstery and complements made with the most advanced chenille or bouclé textured bres. Ideal for interior decorations, but also with a high performance in exteriors, while maintaining its performance against the impact of atmospheric agents, such as sun and rain as well as salt water or chlorine from the pool. It is also certi ed with the Oeko-tex.

Arauco: tricolour textured fabric in a range of 3 colours.
Antigua: fabric with Bouclé texture available in 3 colours.
Teotitlán: bouclé-type fabric weaved by weft construction creating a rim structure effect. One colour.

And a second quality Tempotest, 100% acrylic solution dyed, very pleasant and with a linen/cotton look. Ideal for upholstery, cushions, plaids, and even for outdoor and indoor use. Its technical advantages include a 5-year guarantee without loss of colour, anti- mould fabrics, breathable, can be washed with bleach and with Te on Extreme anti-stain nish.

Cuzco: Panama outdoor fabric in a 4 colour-palette.
Oaxaca: fabric with two-tone twill weave presented in a range of 3 colours.

Overlooking the Pacific

We take a tour of the Pacific coast discovering authentic architectural treasures. Large-scale sculptures that look out to the Pacific Ocean to the delight of its inhabitants.

Casa Poli

Located in the coastal city of Concepción, Chile, this wonderful house designed by the architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofía Von Ellrichshausen is also their home, refuge, workplace and residence for artists: an exceptional setting for creation, looking out into the immensity of the Ocean.

Casa C3

Casa C3 is built on the top of the red rock cliff with materials that blend in with the environment. The house is made of poured concrete and is designed by the Barclay and Crousse studio. It is located in the northern part of the city of Lima, Peru.

Casa en los Vilos

A spectacular concrete sculpture on a cliff where the land meets the sea in Coquimbo, a port city in Chile. The house is designed by Elemental Architects, who have conceived it, in the words of Alejandro Aravena, as a ‘pure and primitive’ house.