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Nibu, the fabric of the future

Due to exhaustion of  resources and the evident environmental deterioration, we require sustainable and rigorous practices. If we connect  nature and technological innovation we will find valuable alternatives to carry out this mission. Hemp is a natural fiber and is considered within the list of “Fabrics of the Future”.

Nibu collection

Nibu is a collection based on plain fabrics made of 100% hemp thread. 

The name comes from the term “Kunibu”, the original name of the plant in the Sumerian language (ancient Mesopotamia). Hemp has witnessed major historical events, such as the first Gutenberg book, the first maps, Bibles and the American Constitution. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, and many other artists painted on canvases made from hemp using hemp oil.

From now on, this super fabric is part of the history of Les Créations de la Maison through our new Nibu collection, which will be added to our Sustainable Fabrics (SF) catalogue.

This magnificent natural fiber has numerous benefits, among them, that it is stronger and more resistant than its similar fiber linen, being a longer fiber. In addition, it has better dimensional stability and good solidity to discoloration. It is also one of the most sustainable organic fibers, as the plant requires few pesticides and herbicides in its cultivation and grows very fast.

Its great resistance makes it ideal for upholstery and other decorative applications such as curtains, cushions and bedding. It is the perfect complement to all our wide range of linens.

It comes in a wide range of 30 essential colors to create a unique space.