Les Créations de la Maison against plastic | The living Nature

Les Créations de la Maison against plastic

As you know, the problem of plastics in the oceans is growing. Marine life faces “irreparable damage” from the millions of tons of plastic waste that end up in the oceans each year. Some figures that scare:

1— There are a hundred times more garbage in the sea than half a century ago.
2—In 2050 the waters will be more populated with plastics than with fish.
3—70% of seabirds have disappeared in the last 60 years.



In this sense, in Les Créations de la Maison we have wanted to contribute and collaborate in the care and conservation of our planet, specifically in removing the garbage from the beaches and oceans and combating their deterioration. At the moment we can not help as much as we would like because our resources are very limited, but in the end everything adds up.

As you know, more than a year ago we created the claim The living Nature, which is always linked to the brand. It was the first step in the line of associating more the image and brand perception with everything related to nature. From there, we began to incorporate elements of nature in our outfits, to select promotional materials with ecological awareness, etc. But to close the circle we needed to get involved with a real project that gave credibility to our speech. In collaboration with the Ecomar Foundation, we have subsidized the collection of garbage from the beaches of Somo, Loredo and El Puntal, on the Cantabrian coast. The action has been carried out with a team of volunteers led by Olympic exmedallista Teresa Zabell, and formed by more than 40 children. As part of the campaign, 100 huge bags of Mucha Tela Project have been made in a “blue ocean” color with the collaboration of the company ECOALF. The particularity of the fabric is that it is made from plastics waste found in natural spaces. The bags will be sent to very sensitive personalities with the ecological cause, so that they in turn contribute to raise awareness about the collection of garbage and also avoid the consumption of plastic bags in establishments.



The objective of Mucha Tela Project is to systematically develop cleaning expeditions, contribute to the awareness of preserving natural spaces and continue investing in what we consider to make sense of our DNA as a brand of natural fabrics: The living Nature.