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Monica Klamburg

When Monica Klamburg was a kid, she used to go with her mum to all kind of antique shops. What started as a treasure hunt ended up becoming her work.

In every intervention she does as stylist for magazines, for hotels, homes or branding she applies this sensitivity of search and creativity to recreate the beauty as needed for every different scenario.​

For the last 20 years she has been working for the best interior design magazines and created campaigns for customers as Titanlux, Güell Lamadrid, Hoteles Barceló as well as decorate private homes.

LCM: What do those who really love you call you?

MK: Mo.

LCM: What’s your favorite app?

MK: Spotify.

LCM: If you were not an interior designer would you…?

MK: Photographer (I love to get lost with my Nikon and photograph any instant, a glance, the light… light is everything).

LCM: Reveal to me a hidden paradise to which you dream of returning. 

MK: Kauai, a small island in Hawaii where you can disconnect from everything.

LCM: Give some advice to someone who starts your business.

MK: Be authentic, be true to your own vision, and keep the client in mind when developing a project.

LCM: I have to paint my new house, what color do you recommend?

MK: Choose colors that represent you, colors that you feel comfortable with. Bear in mind that the walls are the box that will contain your world, so I recommend that whatever you do, try to find a balance between all the elements that coexist in the space.

LCM: Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where I should go to have dinner?

MK: Bistró Mató, it is the restaurant of a good friend of mine.

LCM: Which “quote” defines how you live life?

MK: I define myself as a free spirit, I always see the positive side of everything, I try to live being true to myself.

LCM: Which is your favorite corner at home?

MK: The kitchen at home is open to the living room, I love to sit at the table that has been recovered and turned into an island where I enjoy sharing tea with my family and friends.

LCM: Surprise us with something of your personality that we would never imagine

MK: I am a singer and songwriter together with Edu Hernández: our group is called Eliah Smith.

LCM: Do you have any pet? What’s its name?

MK: Kai, a Jack Russell broken coat: a little person that brings love to us, it’s a member of the family.

LCM: What is the song that always makes you dance? 

MK: ‘Around the world’ by Daft Punk.

LCM: Tell me a deco trend that is coming, and we don’t know yet.

MK: I confess that I try to avoid the world trends. Although we live in constant aesthetic evolution and it is obvious that it influences us, I believe more in timelessness, authenticity and in the home as a reflection of oneself and one’s present moment.

LCM: Unspeakable obsession.

MK: Dressing rooms and wardrobes with equal hangers, clothes arranged by textures, shapes and colours: order gives me peace.

LCM: Give me a fabric from Les Créations de la Maison that you are passionate about

MK: Santo Tomé from Comporta collection: love at first sight from the moment I discovered it, wonderful damask linen with an irresistible range of colors and finishes, as well as very versatile (perfect for making curtains, sofa covers, cushions…)