Mohair, the new velvet collection | The living Nature

Mohair, the new velvet collection

Exclusive mohair velvet, characterized by having an exceptionally soft texture, great durability and being thinner and at the same time more insulating than wool. We present it in a palette of 6 elegant natural colors that give a touch of sophistication to this timeless collection.

‘Softer Spaces’

We live in a busy and stressful world. Our home should be our parenthesis, our space to disconnect and with which to interact with the world in a more relaxed way. And our workplace should make us feel good and help us focus more and interact better with the team. And lately we have been hearing about this new concept “Softer Spaces”, flexible and people-centered spaces. Spaces where the intelligent use of materials, shapes and colors make us feel better, more comfortable and more connected. We as a society have finally realized that the quality of the spaces we inhabit has an impact on our health, in our relationship with others and even with productivity at work.

Living with plants is healthy

Workspaces that look like living rooms

Workspaces full of light, noble materials and homey colours

Serene and tidy homes with new spaces where to interact with others