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Mario Ruiz

The renowned Barcelona designer Mario Ruiz graduated in Industrial Design from the prestigious Elisava School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona, one of the most prominent institutions in our country in this field.

His career stands out for his impressive versatility, covering various areas of design, ranging from lighting, furniture, technology, to applied graphics.

Photo by Marcel Juan

In 1995, Mario Ruiz began his fruitful career by establishing his own studio in Barcelona, called Costa Design, where he focused on the design and development of industrial and technological products.

Later, in 2004, he founded Mario Ruiz Design, where he carried out a series of projects, consolidating himself as a multidisciplinary designer with international projection, collaborating with more than 120 companies around the world.

Throughout his career, he has been honored with numerous awards, including several Wallpaper Awards, Red Dot, IF, Best of Neocon, Silver Deltas, Design Plus, Good Design and the National Design Award in 2016.

Photo by Ángel Segura

LCM: What do those who really love you call you?

MR: Always by my name, although it sounds better when the people I love say it.

LCM: If you weren’t a designer, would you be…?

MR: It’s hard for me to imagine my life without being a designer. For me it is not a profession, it is a way of living.

LCM: Who did you miss the most during confinement?

MR: To my wife and my children. I thought I would never see them again. I spent the confinement in the hospital, I was very serious, sick with Covid. I am privileged, I survived. I celebrate it every day.

LCM: Reveal to me a secret paradise to which you dream of returning.

MR: I always want to travel to Japan. It is the most inspiring place for me, it always surprises me.

LCM: Give advice to someone who is starting out in your business.

MR: That he is very patient, that he knows how to listen and that he is very observant. And that he always thinks that he knows nothing and does not think that he knows something. That will help you learn his entire career.

LCM: I have to paint my new house, what color do you recommend?

MR: A white or a warm gray.

LCM: Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city. Where am I going to have dinner?

MR: To Il Giardinetto (Barcelona). Great interior by Correa and Milà, good cuisine and loving, professional and attentive staff.

LCM: What quote or motto defines how you live life?

MR: Live and enjoy today, do not leave any pleasure for tomorrow.

LCM: Your favorite corner of your house is?

MR: The kitchen. I really like to cook.

LCM: Surprise us with something of your personality that we would never imagine.

MR: I am very perfectionist.

LCM: What is the song that always makes you dance?

MR: Any of the English technopop of the eighties.

LCM: Tell me a trend that is coming and we don’t know

MR: I don’t like to talk about trends, although I watch them with interest. I move better in what is not fleeting, surrounded by clear and calm objects.

LCM: Unspeakable mania

MR: Because of my dyslexia, I am very methodical.

LCM: Give me a reference of Les Creations that you are passionate about.

MR: Right now I’m working with several references from the Lexington collection in a project, I love it.

Photo by Ángel Segura
Photo by Ángel Segura
Photo by Ángel Segura