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Jacobo Valentí, pure intuition

We introduce you to Jacobo Valentí, a Barcelona architect. He trained in prestigious firms such as Arata Isozaki and Miralles-Tagliabue, until in 2014 he decided to create Palau de Casavells together with the gallery owner Luis Sendino, a 17th century farmhouse in Casavells in the heart of the Empordà converted into a space that merges art, design and crafts.

In 2020 he launched his own firm Casavells Estudio. The studio was born at the beginning of the confinement, at a time when galleries and fairs were forced to close their doors. But out of the bad, new opportunities always come out; Jacobo decided to put the gallery aside and rededicate himself to design.

His work stands out for creating fluid and versatile spaces where different disciplines are mixed. Spaces where tradition and contemporaneity come together. He finds his inspiration in vernacular architecture and in the Architecture and Design of the 20th century, with his eyes always set on references capable of lasting over time. Jacobo is intuition and movement. He is capable of turning the essential into the extraordinary.

LCM: What do those who really love you call you?

JV: Jacobo, usually. Sometimes Jaco.

LCM: What is your favourite app?

JV: Lately I’m hooked on Wallapop.

LCM: If you were not an Interior Designer you would be…

JV: Artisan or artist.

LCM: Who have you missed most during confinement?

JV: The big family reunions. I still miss them.

LCM: Reveal me a hidden paradise

JV: Every summer I go to a hidden spot in Menorca. It’s my paradise.

LCM: Give advice to someone who starts working in your profession

JV: Find the balance between your proposal and the client’s idea.

LCM: I have to paint my new house, what color would you advise me?

JV: A soft color for everything and a wall with a color that you like.

LCM: Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where can I go to have dinner?

JV: To Belvedere… although you can only have launch for the moment.

LCM: What ‘quote’ or ‘motto’ defines how you live life?

JV: Like the reeds of the river. Flexible to vicissitudes.

LCM: What is your favourite spot in your house?

JV: The terrace. Qué le voy a hacer, si yo nací en el Mediterráneo.

LCM: Surprise us with something about your personality

JV: I’m quite funny.

LCM: Do you have a pet? What’s his or her name?

JV: I have an incredible dog, Ron.

LCM: What’s the song that always makes you dance?

JV: “Sing it back” by Moloko.

LCM: Tell me a trend in deco that is coming and we don’t know yet…

JV: Remaking grandma’s house.

LCM: Unconfessable mania

JV: Sorting by colors.

LCM: Give me a Les Créations reference that you are passionate about

JV: The combination of Verbier + Versalles is top top.