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Dress your window with sheers

Let yourself be enveloped by the sweetness and beauty of sheers. The perfect option to get natural light going through the Windows and at the same time achieve elegance in intimate spaces.

And the light came out (Italian Drapery collection)

Has light been lost as a weightless and ethereal element in contemporary architecture? Before answering this complicated question, we should know a small project located in Ibaraki, by our admired architect Tadao Ando. Indeed, we are talking about the “Church of the Light” in Osaka, Japan.

“I don’t think architecture has to talk too much. It must remain silent and let nature guided by light and wind speak”

Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando uses very solid walls to delimit human spaces, diverting his buildings from the surrounding urban chaos from the outside and enclosing private spaces from the inside. He uses pure forms and natural light to articulate spaces, and shadows to soften and envelop them.

About natural light going through our windows, we present the Italian Drapery collection, with its new addition named Albate. This sheer would be more like a curtain for its greater weight, width of 3 meters and, as always, a 100% linen composition with stonewash finish to get that morbid hand.

The beauty of the wind (Vento collection)

There are plenty of unusual landscapes around the world, but Slope Point in New Zealand is a different natural wonder. The place is systematically hit with great force by the cold wind, which forces the trees to bend and transform their appearance. The wind from the Southern Ocean struck the trees as they grew. In order to offer less resistance, the branches of the trees turn in the opposite direction, so they have the appearance of having been swept away by the wind.

We present the Vento collection, a 100% linen sheer, very light and as its name suggests, volatile and vaporous as a fine fabric exposed to the wind.  Its elegant and subtle transparency makes it perfect for a warm decoration and at the same time provides privacy letting the daylight pass. Available in a range of 8 neutral colours, including white, natural and grey tones.