Chelo Alcañiz | The living Nature

Chelo Alcañiz

Chelo Alcañiz, long-haul interior designer and founder of DYD interiorismo.

Her mail value is listening to space:

“The spaces speak for themselves; of an era, a culture, a tradition…”

DYD interiorismo has extensive experience in Contract projects. It is precisely the level of excellence demanded in this channel that has positioned Chelo Alcañiz as an interior designer of great quality in the residential field, outstanding the active listening necessary to please her clients.

LCM: What do those who really love you call you?

CA: Chelo.

LCM: What’s your favorite app?

CA: Instagram.

LCM: If you were not a decorator would you…?

CA: I would also be an interior designer; I love what I do.

LCM: Reveal to me a hidden paradise to which you dream of returning.

CA: Formentera.

LCM: Give some advice to someone who starts in your own business.

CA: Patience and always follow your instinct.

LCM: I have to paint my new house, what color do you advise?

CA: Warm white.

LCM: Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m in your city, where I should go to have dinner?

CA: To Cecconi’s.

LCM: Which “quote” defines how you live life?

CA: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

LCM: Which is your favorite corner at home?

CA: The garden, where the sun shines.

LCM: Surprise us with something of your personality that we would never imagine.

CA: Perfectionism.

LCM: Do you have any pet? What’s its name?

CA: No.

LCM: What is the song that always makes you dance?

CA: Ain’t not mountain high enough (Marvin Gaye).

LCM: Tell me a deco trend that is coming and we doesn’t know yet.

CA: I don’t like to design according to trends, I try to make our projects timeless, spaces that speak to us but that we don’t get tired, this are long-lasting spaces.

LCM: Unspeakable obsession.

CA: The cleaning.

LCM: Give me a reference from Les Créations de la Maison that you are passionate about.

CA: All linens, but specially River Stone.