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AURA Seekers

When we walk through the trees in a park or a forest, we can feel the energy that is emitted in nature. Trees, like people, are constantly emitting energy vibrations that are perfectly assimilated by humans.

There are more and more people who have experienced the benefits of hugging trees. It happens that contrary to people who can absorb our energy, with a tree we will always notice that it charges us.

The force emanating from the trees, like ours, is invisible to the physical eye, it is what we call the aura.

What seems to be more extraordinary is discovering that the olive tree, for example, feeds the mental circuits, allowing them to balance and recover a natural rhythm, while the holm oak and the cork oak are the trees of power, of strength.

We invite you to approach a good tree, embrace it with your arms, melt into it with a hug, and finally, relax sitting in its shade capturing the power of nature through its aura.

We present the AURA COLLECTION

A sophisticated sheer made of linen with a very attractive double net structure and a stonewash finish that makes it different from any previous proposal, due to its pleasant touch, attractive fall, and rustic but also sophisticated appearance.