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Architecture made in clay

Clay has been used since man is man. Civilizations were forged in clay and ceramics, a material that connects us with nature and craftsmanship. Clay is the oldest versatile building material that has lasted for centuries while maintaining its value and usefulness. It is the most plastic and manageable material, which can be molded in any shape without the least effort. It can acquire any form an architect wishes. Here are some extraordinary examples.


Yves Saint Laurent Museum of Studio KO

This museum is dedicated to the career of haute couture designer Yves Saint Laurent and is a beautiful tribute to Moroccan architecture.





Disfrutar Restaurant

Disfrutar (Enjoy) is the El Bulli restaurant and is full of ceramics that create a marvellous journey between its different spaces.




IIM (Indian Institute of Management) in Ahmedabad, India

The large brick walls are austere and create an almost spiritual experience. It is a great example of architecture that achieves a balance between modernity and tradition.




V.C Morris Store in San Francisco

The VC Morris gift shop was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1948. We love its brick brutalist facade.