The secret is in Comporta


There are beautiful landscapes, best places, incredible destinations… and then we can find Comporta.

In Comporta’s landscape we discover kilometres of beaches, wooden huts with thatched roofs, whitewashed houses, a wild ocean and the dazzling green of the rice paddies. The decorative style of this amazing place is pure nature, simplicity and raw beauty. At the end of the rice harvest, the ochre palette of a generally cloudless sky mingles with the deep red of the bonfires in a centuries-old ritual aimed at preparing the fields for the next harvest by ridding them of pests. The vegetation that struggles to make its way to the raging waters of the Atlantic and the birds flying in a intense blue sky conform a paradise to draw inspiration.

Comporta collection

We present Comporta collection, whose natural beauty has inspired us to create: Comporta, Galé, Santo Tomé and Aberta.

Comporta: striped fabric that gives its name to the collection has been crafted around an attractive and heavy twill weave with a clean ecru background, very often a feature of decoration in this region that always stands out. It can be used for accessories, curtains, bedding and upholstery, for example.


Galé: a beautiful, elegant and highly versatile print, on a 82% viscose 18% linen base, which depicts different natural elements such as birds, flowers and branches. It is available in the four basic colours of the collection and is suitable for accessories.

Galé (cushion)

Santo Tomé: a delicate piece-dyed linen damask in the five essential colours that inspired this collection. Its applications include upholstery, curtains, accessories, bedding and, above all, soft, cosy sofa covers.

Santo Tomé (sofa)

Aberta: an elegant chenille jacquard fabric in a classic Hungarian knitted design in a single colourway, which will add distinction to any space. 

septimoThe secret is in Comporta