Flax, Skein and Bark Collections


Flax is a beautiful and delicate sheer curtain with an unbeatable finish that gives the fabric a drape and softness that’s unlike anything that has gone before. A fabric whose delicateness will make you want to wrap yourself up in it, while providing privacy and helping to create intimate spaces.

Skein is a solid and attractive multipurpose fabric, ideal for upholstery, curtains, plaids or any other decorative use thanks to the evident thickness of its heavy weight, but also due to its nice stonewash finish. The perfect linen for high-end sofa covers.

Bark is a beautiful linen chenille with a lovely vintage e ect thanks to the two-tone warp and weft pattern that gives it an elegant, worn look. Fabric that’s especially suited to be used for upholstery.

The lightness of Ernesto Neto

Les Créations de la Maison‘s Flax, Skein y Bark collections are characterised by their delicate drape, texture, delicacy, their natural colors, by that interplay of light and semi-transparency by Skein, the stonewash finish by Flax or the worn finish by Bark. Three collections that remind us of Ernesto Neto (Rio de Janeiro, 1964), one of the most outstanding artists in Brazil, especially his work with semi-translucent fabrics with which he creates large-scale installations. His works are created to been passed through, inhabited, felt and even smelled. Its maximum objective is that the viewer can interact with them, experiencing their own body and their senses.

His best-known works are his large-scale, immersive sculptures and sculptural environments that make the viewer an active participant of the artwork. They are usually dominated by amorphous and pendulous shapes that interact with their architectural surroundings with great delicacy.

septimoFlax, Skein and Bark Collections