Canyon: natural chromatic

Les Créations de la Maison

Contemplating the Grand Canyon of Colorado in Arizona from one of its viewpoints can become an amazing visual experience for those who are lucky enough to experience it. The color palette that comprises this natural setting from sunrise to sunset has inspired us when it comes to expanding the chromatic of our new Canyon collection.

When the sunrise starts, the ridges of the mountains show the first warm tones of dawn lighting up timidly in yellow, turning to orange to burst later into reds. After several hours, and when the light reaches the depth, the curves that the Colorado River creates in its path are distinguished, and it begins to move like a gray and silver snake. Without realizing it, the sun reaches its highest point and the sediments accumulated by erosion that stain the waters of the river are perceived at the bottom, and they now look red … hence its name “Colorado River”; name given by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century. At sunset approaches, the wind moves the leaves of the trees, the immense palette of the Grand Canyon changes its range to shaded, brown and toasted colors, and brushstrokes of ochre and rusty red begin to appear. In the end, seconds before total darkness, the highest rocks seem to burn and contrast with the cerulean color of the sky that ignites.

Canyon collection

We present the reissue of one of our bestsellers: Canyon. It is an attractive linen and viscose fabric, which by its natural beauty, resembles a rustic silk. In addition, it has a basket finish that gives it a special softness and an incomparable fall, and it is ideal for curtains and for all kinds of decorative accessories.

8 new shades are added, thus obtaining a renewed range of 25 current and trend colors. 

Les Créations de la MaisonCanyon: natural chromatic