Boyan Slat, the ocean cleaner


As you may know, we are aware of the huge problem that exists in the oceans due to the massive pollution of plastics. Every year, at least 13 tons of plastic seep into our oceans. In addition to polluting our beaches and coasts, marine plastic garbage is accumulating in five garbage islands around the world. Mucha Tela is a project of Les Créations de la Maison committed to cleaning plastics on the beaches, as our contribution to help this global situation. We have created a large cloth bag, perfect for collecting plastics. It is made with recycled ECOALF fabric in “ocean blue” color, and with white organic cotton handles from Les Créations de la Maison. It will also be useful to avoid the consumption of plastic bags in establishments, since it can be perfectly folded inside any bag, it is really light and has great capacity (60×60 cm).



And we are happy to launch this very hopeful new. 6 years ago, the Dutch inventor Boyan Slat, 24 years old, surprised the world with the first idea to end the huge amount of plastic debris floating in our oceans. For his relentless efforts to map new territories in the search for a solution to the global problem of marine litter, UN Environment awarded him the Champions of the Earth award in 2014.



On September 8, 2018, Boyan Slat was able to inaugurate the most massive plastic cleaning in history with his team The Ocean Cleanup. They launched System 001 from San Francisco Bay, a revolutionary marine litter cleaning system with the aim to collect part of the 1.8 billion pieces of marine plastic debris that are estimated to float on the large Pacific garbage island, located between California and Hawaii.


How does System 001 work?

It is a floating pipe 600 meters long that lays on the surface of the water and a conical screen 3 meters deep joined below. Together, the U-shaped pipe and screen are transported by the natural movements of the oceans (currents and waves), trapping plastic debris along the path. Here is a chart that will help you understand the process:



We recommend that you take a look at this video. Boyan Slat explains firsthand the mission of System 001 and all the obstacles that have been encountered and will be encountered throughout the process:


septimoBoyan Slat, the ocean cleaner