Black & Linen: micro designs on natural linen

Les Créations de la Maison

Linen and organic colors are a distinctive trait in Les Créations de la Maison. In this ocasion we feature them in a collection with only two colors: the natural hue of linen and black. Despite this rather minimalistic palete, the fabrics here have visually rich styles thanks to the microdesigns they incorporate. Because nothing is as simple as it looks.



Black & Linen according to a piece of art
Steps by Alexander Rodchenko. Rodchenko’s greatest goal was to showcase reality while looking for a certain geometry or patterns that can create the impresion of a regular composition, as microdesigns in Black & Linen actually do.


Black & Linen according to a song
Paint it black by the Rolling Stones. What can yo do to embellish linen, our very essence? That’s it: Paint it black.

Black & linen according to a movie
Coffee and cigarretes by Jim Jarmusch. Two elements, two colors and plenty of little stories that create a mosaic together.

Black & Linen according to a city
Istambul, Turkey. With a foot in Europe and the other in Asia, this city incarnates the dual spirit in the colleciton, not only with plenty of contrasts and colors, but with thousands of details hidden in mosques, temples and bazaars.


What does Black & Linen inspire to you?

Les Créations de la MaisonBlack & Linen: micro designs on natural linen