Atlas Collection


Morocco is the source of inspiration under which Atlas, the new collection of Les Créations de la Maison, is conceived, with an ethnic style, but with a clear presence of the brand’s DNA, such as its tones linked to nature and the use of natural fibers such as linen or wool. The Atlas collection is presented in three color ranges, which are inspired by the colors of Moroccan natural landscapes: the yellows and golds of its great deserts, the blues of its seas and rivers, and the terracotta tones of its valleys and immense canyons.

Marrakech: delicate kilim design print with a delavé or vintage finish for a casual and carefree look. Ideal for upholstering, making covers, curtains, plaids or all kinds of decorative elements.

Mamounia: a beautiful stripe woven with chenille and wool bouclé, which perfectly imitates the classic Maghreb rugs, but worked in noble materials and with perfect textile finishes for any type of decoration and application.

Medina: attractive plain fabric with raffia effect, but with a linen touch, and with a worn effect thanks to its mixture of different melánge fibers. It is ideal for use in upholstery, but with great versatility for making curtains and other decorations.

Capturing the essence
of Morocco’s craftmanship

We present you a wonderful project based in Marrakech, LRNCE. A studio that works on interior decoration and accessories. It was founded in 2013 by the young Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert, who explores the sense of indigenous materials and spontaneously combines to create unique design pieces in a large selection of decorative products such as mirrors, tableware, vases, rugs, furniture and even pieces of art. She has managed to create a universe of objects and garments that evoke the desert, the light, the colors and textures of Morocco.

LRNCE captures the essence of craftsmanship and stays close to the process of creating her carefully handcrafted products in Morocco. Her pieces reflect meticulous craftsmanship capable of combining indigenous talent and tradition with the contemporary vision of the designer, who also speaks of coherence and sustainability.

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