ALGARVE, when beauty is natural


Algarve area offers us crazy sunsets from those Portuguese rooftops and terraces overlooking the sea, while patiently waiting for the fishing boats to return from their fishing trips. But if there is one thing that stands out about this blessed coastal area in the south of Portugal, it is undoubtedly the richness of its long, fine sandy beaches, fed by the energy of the Atlantic and embraced by high cliffs. Hundreds of secret caves and coves ready to be discovered by seasoned travelers.

ALGARVE collection

The Algarve and the beautiful Portuguese coast is today the name of our little textile family.

The Algarve collection includes an elegant double width stripe, along with a delicate jacquard fabric and two beautiful striped fabrics. They share the fact that they all use only three colors (anthracite, linen and ecru), while their width of 3 meters makes them ideal for dressing the most luminous windows, decorating beds, creating blankets and, why not, making sofa covers.

Sagres: a striped fabric with a sublime herringbone chenille weave. It is notable for its cozy
feel and spectacular drape despite its heavy weight, which means it is also very suitable for

Silves: this material reminds of crochet knitted fabrics. Its delicate feel and pleasing texture make it ideal for all kinds of decorative accessories such as blankets, bedspreads and cushions (width 140 cm).

Lagos: delicate and lightweight 100% linen fabric with a unique colorful striped design in
black and linen on a white background. Perfect for making curtains or blankets, as well as
dressing the bed.

Faro: a fabric that combines a jacquard stripe in ecru and black tones on a 100% linen
. Its elegance makes it ideal for a variety of decorative accessories, such as curtains,
blankets, bedding or upholstery covers.

septimoALGARVE, when beauty is natural